The School Board is the governing body of the Fairfax County School system. There are 12 members, elected by voters in Fairfax County to 4 year terms. The current board was elected in 2011 and began their service January 1, 2012. The School Board is responsible for setting the policies and priorities for the school system, including decided how to allocate $2.4 billion in county funds, which represents over half of the entire Fairfax County budget. Because school board members are elected, they are accountable to all of us. Use the links on the right to reach out to your school board members. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact them. Fairfax County is blessed with a very active, engaged and sophisticated school board. If they can help you, most will.


While there are many members of the school board who have demonstrated tremendous commitment to COTS kids, the sad fact is our school board does not reflect the diversity of the FCPS student body or community. Even though over 20% of its student body is Latino and 10% is African American, there is no Latino or African American on the school board. This matters! We all see the world through our specific set of lenses and sensitivities. Having a school board that reflects the racial and ethnic diversity of this county is crucial. But until that happens, our communities must step forward and speak up.


Do you have a COTS issue that resonates so deeply in your heart that you must speak out? Then consider testifying at an upcoming School Board meeting. Time is set aside at each regular school board meeting for ten speakers to offer 3 minutes of remarks. Sign up opens at 6:00 am three business days before the meetings. That’s usually Monday morning, unless its a holiday. In that case, sign up begins at 6:00 am Friday morning. If a particularly “hot topic” is on the agenda, slots fill up fast! If you sign up in advance, your remarks must be related to an item on the Agenda. However, if you arrive early at the school board meeting and open slots remain, you can sign up to testify about anything related to FCPS. Sign up by clicking on the link in the right hand column. Once you’ve signed up, let us know. COTS loves our community members and nothing makes us happier than supporting you in finding your own voice before the school board.


We know how hectic lives are in northern Virginia. Traffic alone is enough to stop you in your tracks – literally and figuratively. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be heard. SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS READ THEIR EMAILS! And even if they don’t read them, they count them! If you ever watch a school board meeting, you will hear school board members talk about how many emails they have received from the community on a given topic. If something is bothering you, tell the school board. Everyone in the county has FOUR school board representatives – one for your specific magisterial district plus three at large members who operate countywide. Click on the link in the righthand column to write to the school board. And send a copy of your email to COTS!